My take on golf lessons

I was going to make my first “real” post about the PGA tournament from the weekend, but something better came along.

It seems like just about every year, I find another family member who likes golf. This year I got the chance to see a few of them at a benefit tournament in my hometown. We’ve connected on Facebook and such, and when I showed this blog to one of them, they asked a question:

“Have you ever had golf lessons?”

4793460589_87b459aba8The short answer is, “Yes.” They were an awesome investment my dad made one year for my birthday. I received a half-dozen lessons with the local golf pro named Kevin Howe – plus a round of golf (9 holes at my home course back then) every lesson day.

I was 13 back then. The lessons were pretty elementary, but they got me thinking about more than just trying to hit the ball. Chipping, putting, and the lot.

Did they make me a better golfer in the long run? Sure. I was hooked after the lessons. They made me pursue the sport with unbridled exhilaration. I can’t remember Kevin’s instructions at the time, or if he really did anything to improve my swing. But he did help bring about my desire to excel at the sport, a fire that raged on for a good 10 years (until graduation from college initiated me into the world of responsibility and taxes).

If you’re older, I doubt lessons will bring about that kind of transformation from once a month duffer at the local Par 3 to a hardcore round-a-day nut. For you it might be a simple tweak that straightens out that nasty slice. Or a drill or two that helps you find that killer stroke on the putting surface.


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1 Response to My take on golf lessons

  1. BornABill says:

    Another bi-product of those lessons is my love for the game, a love that we share to this day. I received many lessons from you over the years, and I really appreciate you getting me started in golf. Good luck with the blog.

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