Golf? Why blog about golf?

I appreciate you visiting my new page here, and I would suspect it’s something a little off the normal path of a blog.

Golf is still a popular, well-supported pastime in the US of A. There are plenty of major news outlets out there that cover golf in a “blog” format, but from my quick searching there aren’t many independent blogs about golf – whether about the professional tours, personal golf stories, travel, or other miscellany.

So that’s what I’m going to do here. This isn’t a pro blog. I am a guy who has played golf on and off for 25 years now, and could once hold his own at it. Sometimes I find that reading an independent mind about a topic is better than getting the mainstream line.

Of course I yearn to regularly dig up sod on my local tract, alternating between hitting great shots and mediocre ones. As it is, I play about 5 times a year.


In a bunker in my golfing life…

But it’s going to be awhile before my playing time increases much. I find the image at right appropriate to this. Sometimes we hit a bunker in our lives, or our careers, or our studies. Bunkers aren’t huge problems, but they lead to frustration. They are the desert of a golf course, sometimes deep, and usually off track from your desired path to the target.

I’m in a bunker in my golfing life. Getting out won’t be easy. Once I do, it will be a glorious time.

Until then, I’ve decided that I will quench my golf thirst by renewing my enjoyment for things like the PGA Tour, and other topics related to the small ball as time progresses.

That’s why golf. It’s a passion I’ve long since buried as a ghost of my past.

No more.

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2 Responses to Golf? Why blog about golf?

  1. Inspiring blog! Have you been following a golf tour since then? Hope to read more from your blog.

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